Product Review: Tiki Brand Smokeless Fire Pit

Hey outdoor and nature enthusiasts! Today, I’ve got a thorough review of a product that’s changing the fire game for cozy nights and glamping adventures – the Tiki Brand Smokeless Fire Pit. If you’re into fires without the smoke hassle, this might just become your go-to. In this review, I’ll break down the good and the not-so-good based on my own experience and what others have shared. Let’s dive right in!

Getting Glamping-Ready:

Imagine this – you’re out in nature, having a blast, but it starts getting chilly and you’re craving a fire. The Tiki Brand Smokeless Fire Pit steps in as the star player. As someone who loves nature without giving up on comfort, I was curious about how this particular fire pit would hold up.

The Nitty-Gritty Details:

Let’s cover some of the practical stuff you’d want to know before we get into the rest of the review:

  • Setup: Setting up the fire pit is straightforward. It only has two pieces so can be assembled easily. Place it on a flat, non-flammable surface, load in the wood pack, light it, and you’re set.
  • Weight: Depending on the specific model you purchase, the fire pit weighs between 40 and 65 pounds, making it manageable to move around. I’d advise having two people to help load, unload, carry, and place it.
  • Dimensions: The smallest version is 21.5 inches long by 14.5 inches wide by 16.7 inches high. The largest size is 27.5 inches in diameter and 20 inches high.
  • Warranty: The fire pit comes with a 2-year limited warranty, offering some peace of mind.
  • Cleaning: After the fire, you can remove the ashtray, empty it, and give it a quick wipe down. It’s a breeze to clean.
  • Accessories: Tiki Brand easy-start wood packs, pellet fire starter, fire pit screens, and pokers are all available to purchase separately or as part of combination packs.


This fire pit has a patented airflow system to help lower smoke and ash. Its attached feet keep it off the ground. It is constructed with 16-gauge stainless steel with a weatherproof powder-coated exterior. It also includes a weather-resistant cover for when it is not in use.


1. Bye-Bye Smoke: The Tiki Brand Fire Pit does help to cut down on smoke. No more watery eyes and choking on fumes. When you’re glamping, this is a game-changer because you want the fire vibes, minus the smoke clouds.

2. Easy Fire Starting: Getting this thing going is a breeze. After choosing where to put this smokeless fire pit and setting it in place, all you have to do it put in the wood pack, light it, and sit back as the fire gets going. When you’re glamping, convenience matters, especially as night falls and you’re looking for that fire warmth.

3. Style Meets Function: This fire pit’s got a sleek design that can fit in with the rest of your equipment and your glamping site. It’s made of sturdy metal, with holes for airflow which helps the fire burn well. Plus, it’s not too bulky, making it easy to move around your glamping spot.

4. Less Mess, More Fun: After a fire, you usually deal with tons of ash. Not so much with this fire pit. It keeps things tidy, which is a big win when you’re glamping – cleaning up isn’t exactly the highlight of your trip.


1. Not a Heat Monster: While it’s great at reducing smoke, it may not be as toasty as a regular fire pit. This is understandable as your smokeless fire pit is perhaps confined to a smaller space than a traditional fire ring. So, if you’re looking for blazing heat, you might need to adjust your expectations. The manufacturer says it radiates heat to about 4 feet out.

2. Stick to the Script: To keep the smoke down, you’ve got to stick to specific wood packs from Tiki Brand. This could be a bit limiting if you’re used to experimenting with different types of wood. You can still use other types of wood but there will probably be a lot of smoke when getting it going, or as the fire is dying down.

3. Budget-Friendly? Not So Much: This fire pit isn’t a bargain find. It’s in the mid-to-high price range. So, if you’re budget-conscious, it might make you think twice.

What People Are Saying:

To check if others had similar experiences, I scoured reviews. Most folks are on board with the smoke-reduction magic of the Tiki Brand Smokeless Fire Pit. They appreciate the fire ambiance without the smoke annoyance. The stylish design also gets a thumbs-up – it blends into glamping setups seamlessly.

On the flip side, people did echo some of the cons I noted earlier. Some mentioned that it doesn’t throw major heat, but they still value the smokeless advantage. The specific wood pack requirement also came up; some don’t like to have to buy the brand name wood packs. As a cheaper alternative, one user suggested buying pellets for wood burning stoves (not the smoking pellets for smokers) at a local hardware store, and stated that they were less expensive but tricky to light.

Final Verdict:

As the embers cool down, let’s wrap this up. The Tiki Brand Smokeless Fire Pit shines in the glamping scene. It delivers on the smokeless promise, adding a touch of luxury to your outdoor moments. Yes, it’s not the cheapest, but if you’re all about glamping comfortably, it could be worth it. So, for glampers in search of a functional, stylish fire pit, the Tiki Brand Smokeless Fire Pit should definitely be on your radar. Still unsure? Check out our other article for other types of fire pits to consider.

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